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Lyons Loves Local

Lyons Loves Local Settled between the Sierra Nevada Mountain to the east and the Coast Range to the west, is the fruitful earth of the San Joaquin Valley. Rich soil, vast amounts of sunshine and ideal weather conditions is a trifecta of perfection for the agriculture. 

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It's Time to Party Mardi Gras Style!

It's Time to Party Mardi Gras Style!

The most famous Mardi Gras celebration is held in the Big Easy but operators everywhere can partake in the festivities. Not to mention, it’s the perfect excuse to have a party mid-week!  

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National Bacon Lovers Day

National Bacon Lovers Day On August 20, we celebrate YOU bacon lovers and all the things you love about bacon! Whether you love it for the sweet sound of the sizzle, the heavenly smell, the out-of-this world taste, or maybe all three, we’re with you!

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