Mallo Creme
Mallo Creme Mallo Creme

Dive into a world of gourmet indulgence and let Mallo Creme Designer Dessert Sauce redefine your culinary experience, one delectable drizzle at a time. Whether cascading over golden pancakes, enhancing the richness of your morning brew, or embellishing decadent desserts, its marshmallow essence adds a delightful twist to every dish.

Other Uses

Ice cream, frozen yogurt, waffles, pastries, cocktails, and more.

Net Weight

1 case of 12 bottles. Each bottle is 16 oz (454 g).

Storage & Shelf Life

Store unopened, ambient for up to 270 days.
Store opened, ambient for up to 10 days.

Ingredient and nutritional information is continuously updated. Please always check the physical label on the product you receive to verify nutritional information.